Wire and cable products for electrical equipment

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2020-06-10 11:03

One of the five major categories of wire and cable isWire and cable for electrical equipmentWhile we understand the basics of this type of cable, high-voltage cables are equally important.
Wire and cable for electrical equipmentFrom the power distribution point of the power system, the electric energy is directly transmitted to each electrical equipment, and the power connection line of the appliance is also the wire and cable used. The electrical installation lines and electrical cables for control signals in the equipment used in industrial, agricultural, industrial and mining enterprises use such products. Electrical equipment with the widest range of use of wire and cable, the most varieties. Generally, the structure and performance of the product will be determined by combining the characteristics of the equipment used and the environmental conditions used. So,Wire and cable for electrical equipmentIn addition to a large number of general products, there are many special products and special products.

In the wire and cable, according to the use of the product will be divided into eight categories. Each type of product contains a different variety of cables,Wire and cable for electrical equipmentOne of the most complex. We hope that we can learn to have a comprehensive understanding and mastery of them, and pay attention to their structural characteristics, performance indicators, environmental conditions and use requirements in the process work, so as to customize reasonable technical specifications.
For low pressureWire and cable for electrical equipmentAfter the insulation material is selected, when determining the insulation thickness, the electrical performance is generally not our attention consideration, but the mechanical performance is the main factor. According to the mechanical properties to determine the insulation thickness, insulation to meet the mechanical properties of the requirements, the electrical properties will be met accordingly. Therefore, when the voltage level of the product is increased, the insulation thickness should be appropriately increased.

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