Tell us about the use of low-voltage power cables in winter.

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2022-06-30 10:34

Let's talk about it.LV power cablePrecautions for use in winter

Low voltage power cable winter pay attention to matters?

As the weather gets colder and colder,LV power cableThe manufacturer usually becomes more difficult, which brings inconvenience to the construction. Here are some precautions for winter construction. Let us take a brief look.

1. When the ambient temperature of the cable storage location is lower than the working conditions of the cable, do not lay the cable. Before laying the cable, please wait 24 hours and store it in a warm place.

2. Before stretching the cable, please carefully check whether the code, specification, length, name, start and stop equipment position of the low-voltage power cable manufacturer are consistent with the cable list and drawings, and check whether the cable is damaged.

3. When mixing and stretching low-voltage power cable manufacturers with different sheaths, special attention should be paid to prevent the cables from rubbing against each other and damaging the cable sheath.

4. When the outdoor operating temperature is lower than -5, a heating room should be set up near the construction site. The heating facilities should comply with the fire prevention regulations. The heating and heating facilities of the building need to be hung with obvious signs to avoid personal burns.

  5.LV power cableBefore laying, manufacturers need to make full preparations. Before winter construction, relevant construction personnel should be organized to learn construction measures and preventive measures, be familiar with construction drawings and technical documents related to cable laying, formulate strict winter construction management system, strictly implement relevant winter construction regulations, formulate construction measures and preventive measures, and ensure that personnel, machines, materials and materials can survive the winter smoothly, ensure that the quality of personnel and the progress of the project are not affected, and then make major plans according to the established construction measures and preventive measures.

How to Repair Low Voltage Power Cable

In our country,LV power cableThe demand and output are very considerable. The production of low-voltage power cables is relatively troublesome. If the production time is too long, it is easy to cause failure. Insulation is necessary. The following small series of low-voltage power cable manufacturers will show you how to repair it.

Under normal circumstances, the regular repair method is to use the welding torch thermal repair method, this method is simple, convenient, practical, and the effect is not bad, but if the repair place is used for too long, the insulation layer will shrink, underground low-voltage power cable will not play the role of moisture-proof and waterproof, overhead low-voltage power cable shrinkage part will be more and more.

Another method is the middle of the cable, this method to protectLV power cableThe insulation layer is very effective. The product structure mainly covers the entire cable damage. The cable is quickly wrapped by heat treatment or cold treatment. The ideal effect is consistent with the original line. The materials used to repair the power cable are more expensive than ordinary repair methods, but the effect is very good. Especially when laying cables, maintenance methods should be taken when the cables are damaged.

  LV power cableOf course, temporary insulation tapes can also be used for on-site maintenance, but they are only temporary rescue methods. In the original production process, relevant national standards stipulate that the insulation layer shall not be repaired without the written consent of the user. Repairing the external insulation of power cables has both advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it is made by the original factory and it is fine if it has not been repaired.

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