What is the use of wires and cables for electrical equipment?

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2022-08-09 11:09

The wires and cables for electrical equipment are mainly used for internal or external connection of electrical equipment, low-voltage transmission lines and various electrical signal transmission lines. Generally speaking, except for power cables, communication cables and magnet wires, most insulated wires and cables are classified as wires and cables for electrical equipment. There are many kinds of wires and cables for electrical equipment, and the classification methods are different. According to the laying method, it can be divided into fixed type and mobile type; according to the product use, it can be divided into low-voltage distribution wire and cable, signal and control wire and cable, instrument and equipment connection line, wire and cable for transportation vehicles, wire and cable for geological resources exploration and development, DC high-voltage cable, heating cable, special wire and cable, etc.


Wire and cable for electrical equipment is a large class of electrical products used to transmit power, transmit information and realize electromagnetic energy conversion. For more than 20 years, this definition has been widely recognized and cited by domestic counterparts; it has also been recognized and adopted by counterparts in many countries. It not only summarizes the wide range of wire and cable products and services, but also profoundly reveals the important role of wire and cable in society. In modern society, inhabited, there are production, transportation and all economic activities, there are all activities that need to be explored and developed in space, underground, ocean and other fields, as well as the development of any scientific and technological development and innovation projects, the application of electricity and electromagnetic waves are inseparable. The generation, transmission and application of electric power and electromagnetic waves use wires and cables as the connection and transmission parts or winding materials of the host.

In fact, all industrial production, transportation, construction projects and facilities, modern agriculture and scientific research, military equipment or military facilities, space and ocean exploration, and social life (including every family and people's daily life) are closely related to wire and cable products. Therefore, in this industry, the wire-cable ratio used in the power system has always been regarded as the blood vessel of the human body (the wire-cable ratio in the home and office is regarded as the "microvessel"); the wire-cable (optical cable) used for the transmission of electromagnetic wave information to the human nerves; and the electromagnetic wire ratio used for the manufacture of motor and instrument windings (coils) is regarded as an important part of the heart. This shows that wires and cables are indispensable in all economic activities and social life.

Classification of wire and cable:

1. Bare wire

Pure conductor metal, without insulation and sheath, the products are mainly used in suburban, rural and user trunk lines.

2. Power cable

Extrusion (winding) the insulation layer outside the conductor, such as overhead insulated cables, or winding multi-core, such as overhead insulated cables with more than two cores, or adding a sheath layer, such as plastic wire and cable, rubber sheathed wire and cable.

3. Electromagnetic wire (enameled wire)

In the magnetic field, the magnetic lines of force are cut in the form of windings to induce current, or through current under the action of the magnetic field to produce wires.

4. Communication wire and cable and optical cable

A cable used to transmit telephone, telegraph, television, radio, facsimile, data, and other telecommunications information. Communication optical cable: Optical fiber (optical fiber) is used as a light wave transmission medium for information transmission, also called optical cable.

5. Wire and cable for electrical equipment

Wires and cables that directly transmit electrical energy from the power system distribution point to the power connection lines of various electrical equipment and appliances, as well as wires and cables for electrical installation lines and control signals in various industrial and agricultural equipment, all belong to this category of products.

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