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2020-04-01 02:28

Yanggu CableThe unique advantages:
  1、Yanggu CableHigh temperature resistance and superior fireproof performance
General wire and cable insulation due to the use of organic polymer materials, so in the flame conditions easily carbonized to lose insulation. Since the main material of the flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable is composed of mineral compounds, it will not cause a fire by itself, and it is impossible to burn or support combustion. These materials generally have a higher melting point above 1500 ° C, so the fire-resistant cable can play a normal power transmission function even if it is used under flame conditions, and it is a true fire-resistant cable. And can pass BS6387 C, W, Z test.
Mineral insulated flexible fireproof cable really achieves the effect of burning without short circuit and short circuit without burning. It can supply power normally in sudden fire environment, buy time for on-site personnel to escape, provide power support for rescue and start-up of fire fighting equipment, and reduce fire loss and casualties. Secondly, the copper sheath has good conductivity and can be connected with PE grounding wire, which greatly improves the sensitivity and reliability of grounding protection.
  2、Yanggu CableStrong overload capacity
Mineral insulated flexible fireproof cable not only has large current carrying capacity, but also has strong line overload capacity. According to relevant electrical design requirements, the surface temperature of the cable is usually not higher than 70 ℃. If there is no combustible material around, the long-term working temperature of the fireproof cable during overload can reach 250 ℃.
  3、Yanggu CableGood bending characteristics
The traditional rigid fireproof cable (BTTZ) is more difficult to bend and use. The bending radius of Ruiyang mineral insulated flexible fireproof cable is at least 6 to 10 times the cable diameter, which reduces the installation layout space, reduces the installation cost, and is easier to lay.
  4、Yanggu CableIrradiation resistance, no aging
Mineral insulated flexible fireproof cable using inorganic mineral insulating materials as insulation, compared with conventional organic insulated cable (YJV, VV) is not affected by irradiation, the material will not aging metamorphism, insulation characteristics will not change; at the same time, the outer sheath of the cable is copper embossed form, with excellent sealing, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, cable service life of up to 70 years.
  5、Yanggu CableHigh mechanical strength, anti-impact
The metal sheathed isolated flexible fireproof cable is provided with an aluminum metal layer outside the mineral insulation layer of the cable, which has the effects of temperature insulation, heat insulation, fire blocking and water blocking, and can also prevent objects in the fire environment from impacting and damaging the cable insulation layer. In addition, the porcelain fireproof layer of the cable will form a solid shell at 350 ℃, effectively strengthening the protection function of the cable.
  6、Yanggu CableGreen environmental protection characteristics
The cable structure is made of inorganic mineral materials, and the cable does not release smoke or toxic gases in the burning flame; the abandoned cable can also be fully recycled and reused without polluting the natural environment.
Longer continuous production length
Due to the use of continuous mechanized production, whether it is single-core or multi-core cable, its length can fully meet the needs of power supply length, continuous length can reach more than 1000m, without intermediate connection points, greatly reducing the safety hazards caused by connection points in engineering lines.
7. Reduce investment costs for users
Metal sheathed mineral insulated flexible fireproof cable than the traditional rigid fireproof cable (BTTZ) direct procurement cost is less, the product is more cost-effective. The copper sheath can be used for PE wire grounding, and 4 cores can be used instead of 5 cores (YJV) cables, and the price difference is greatly reduced. The metal threaded sheath has a certain self-bearing capacity and can be laid directly, eliminating the need for pipe penetration, bridge and other installation accessories, greatly saving installation costs.

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