Yanggu cable manufacturers teach you how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of wires and cables

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2020-07-01 01:05

1. Recognize the certificate mark
When purchasing, be sure to check whether there is a "3C" certification mark on the certificate of conformity, whether the model specification, rated voltage, length, manufacturing date, certification number, inspection, implementation standard, factory name, factory address and other marks are clear.
2. Pay attention to packaging
When purchasing, pay attention to the exquisite packaging, clear printing, complete model specifications, factory name, factory address, etc. Fake and shoddy wires and cables are often "three no products", but there are also ambiguous signs of origin, such as made in China, made in a province or city in China, which is actually equal to the unmarked origin.
3. Check the appearance
When purchasing, pay attention to check the appearance to be smooth and round, uniform color, feel good. If the rubber type wire and cable, sheath, insulation can be burned with cigarette butts, and the surface is completely free of damage.
4. Check the conductor
The conductor should have a certain luster and moderate softness, and the size of the conductor should meet the requirements of national standards. The cross section of the copper core of the wire and cable, the superior copper color is bright and soft, otherwise it is defective.

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