Yanggu cable wire and cable main application field?

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2020-07-12 08:12

1. Power system
Wire and cable commodities used in the power system mainly include bare wires for overhead transmission lines, busbars (busbars), power cables, and wires and cables for electrical equipment.
2. Information transmission system
Used in the information transmission system of wire and cable, telephone cable, cable TV cable, data transmission cable, mobile wireless communication system with radio frequency cable and various electronic cables, etc. In recent years, the proportion of optical fiber and cable in the information transmission network has increased rapidly and has become an important transmission preface for information transmission lines.
3. Electrical equipment, electrical instrument internal wire and cable
In the two general systems of power and information, from the starting point of the system (such as generators, signals), through the various nodes of the system (such as transformers, program-controlled switches) to user terminals (such as household appliances, telephones, televisions).

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