Yanggu Cable Factory-Wire and Cable for Electrical Equipment

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2019-12-10 22:12

 Wire and cable for electrical equipmentThe use of double-layer insulation structure, nuclear power plant cable technology and process, and irradiation cross-linking process to ensure the mechanical and physical properties of the cable, low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant properties, electrical properties and also extend the service life. Products with flame retardant, fire-resistant, halogen-free, low smoke, non-toxic, long service life, the use of high temperature, carrying capacity and other characteristics. The life of its products at 70 degrees Celsius is not less than 70 years.
The wires and cables for electrical equipment are suitable for distribution networks and industrial installations with rated voltages of 0.6/1 kV and below, and can also be used in densely populated public places including shopping malls, stations, airports, theaters, etc. When the ambient temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, it is best not to lay the cable, otherwise heating measures should be taken. Minimum allowable bending radius: single-core cable is unarmored 20D, armored 15D; multi-core cable is unarmored 15D, armored 12D. Cable conductor long-term allowable temperature is 90 ℃, 105 ℃, 125 ℃; short circuit when the maximum working temperature is two hundred and fifty degrees Celsius.

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