Discussion on XLPE Insulated Power Cable

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2020-04-23 09:24


  XLPE insulated power cableIt is a common cable category in civil engineering, including ordinary type, flame retardant type, fire-resistant type and halogen-free low-smoke flame retardant type.XLPE insulated power cableEnvironmental stress resistance, high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, excellent electrical performance, simple structure, light weight and convenient use.

  1.XLPE insulated power cablePurpose: This product is suitable for power lines with rated voltage (U0 / U) from 3.6 / 6 to 26 / 35KV to transmit and distribute energy.

  2.XLPE insulated power cableStandard: aluminum core plastic insulated power cable, GB12706-91 rated voltage 35KV and below copper core.

  3.XLPE insulated power cableUse characteristics:(1) When laying cables at an ambient temperature of not less than 0°C, there is no need to preheat. There are no restrictions on cable laying. (2) The long-term allowable working temperature of the cable core wire shall not exceed the following regulations: 90 ℃ for cables with PVC sheath; 80 ℃ for cables with polyethylene sheath. (3) When the wire core is short-circuited (for a maximum of 5S), the temperature should not exceed 250°C. (4) The minimum bending radius when laying the cable is as follows: single-core cable: 20(d D)± 5%; three-core cable: 15(d D)± 5%, in the formula: d is the actual outer diameter of the conductor, D is the actual outer diameter of the cable.


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