Mineral insulated fireproof cable manufacturers

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2019-11-22 11:07


Our company Shandong Yanggu Haohui Cable Co., Ltd. is a well-known and well-known company in Shandong.MineMaterial insulated fireproof cable manufacturersThe mineral insulated fireproof cables produced by our company have excellent performance, good quality and high cost performance. Their main uses are: power supply for fire fighting equipment in all kinds of buildings, power supply for fire fighting elevators, etc. Places that need special cleaning and sanitation, such as hospitals, food factories and other equipment power supply; Power supply for important military, national defense, aerospace and satellite base equipment; Power supply for important equipment of power plants and nuclear power plants; power supply for equipment and lighting systems in important buildings or densely populated buildings, such as conference centers, exhibition centers, hotels, airports, hospitals, shopping centers, parking lots and other urban complexes; places with high ambient temperature, such as steel plants, power supply for smelters, glass factories and other equipment; flammable and explosive important occasions, such as power supply for equipment in petrochemical, coal mines and other buildings; power supply for modern rail transit lines, such as: subway, high-speed rail, light rail, etc.

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