The production method of overhead insulated cable.

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2022-05-07 13:27

  overhead insulated cableThe present invention relates to the field of electrical technology, and in particular, to an overhead line insulation device. This type of overhead line is used to transmit power in the high voltage range in the power grid, and each rope conductor is usually supported by a holding insulator and fixed on a conductor tower. In order to protect the power of the overhead line, in this case, the overvoltage generated by the line lightning rod, such as the overvoltage caused by lightning, is exported to the ground potential. So, let's learn about the manufacturing method of overhead lines!

Line lightning rod in the power grid andoverhead insulated cableRoad insulators are connected in parallel, especially in high-voltage networks with voltages above 1kv. The linear lightning rod comprises a discharge element consisting of a non-linear metal oxide resistor in a ceramic or plastic housing. Line lightning rods are best used where reverse damage occurs due to insufficient ground protection, faults and/or high ground resistance of the power tower (e. g. rock ground). In order to properly improve the reliability of the power supply of the formed transmission line or distribution line, the installation of lightning rods on all or part of the power tower is usually a low-cost alternative to improve the grounding protection or inductive grounding characteristics. Not only the line lightning rod with discharge gap technology is adopted, but also the line lightning rod with external series discharge gap is adopted to isolate the lightning rod from the line overvoltage during normal operation of the line or the line overvoltage after the line overload. Below we only focus on line lightning rods with external series discharge gaps.

For example, lightning strikes inoverhead insulated cableWhen overvoltage is generated, the discharge gap is short-circuited by the arc, and the overvoltage is controllably exported to the ground through the line lightning rod. After the overvoltage is attenuated, the discharge gap disappears, and the line lightning rod is insulated from the high voltage.

Line lightning rods with external series discharge gaps are usually installed on existing high-voltage transmission networks afterwards. The problem here is that the suspension equipment of the line lightning rod needs to be adapted to local conditions.

It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide an insulation device for overhead lines which is simple to assemble even after installation.

From the technical point of view of the present invention, an overhead line is an advantageous design mode. Therefore, the present invention specifically designs an insulation device for overhead lines, which is provided with aoverhead insulated cableThe holding insulator fixed on the electric tower and the line lightning rod device arranged in electrical parallel with the holding insulator. Discharge gap in series with flywheel

That is, the line lightning rod device has aoverhead insulated cableAn assembly insulator on the road, a discharge electrode fixed to an end of the assembly insulator, and a second discharge electrode fixed to a second end of the assembly insulator. The insulator assembly is preferably embodied as a robust rod-shaped suspension insulator. The insulator assembly uses two fixing devices to fix the discharger or the discharge electrode. Each of the discharge electrodes may be directly connected to one end of the fixing device, or the other end of the discharge electrode may be fixed to one end of a fryer of the fixing device. The distance between the two discharge electrodes is fixed over the length of the assembled insulator, thereby fixing the discharge gap. The assembled insulator, the fryer and the discharge electrode form a mechanically stable and compact unit, and the unit can be simply fixed on the rack wire by fixing means. The connection to the ground potential can be achieved by a ground wire to the power tower. This type of line lightning rod arrangement is independent of the fixture holding the insulator. In addition, it can also be fixed on the overhead line close to the holding insulator, and keep a certain distance from the holding insulator.

The above isoverhead insulated cableThe production method. If you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!

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