Fault Point Finding Method of Control Cable

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2021-05-24 10:40

In the past few decades, with the rapid development of the economy, the cable industry has been tremendous development, the formation of China's cable manufacturing industry productivity, shocked the world. With the expansion of the scale of China's electric power industry, rail transit industry, data communication industry, automobile industry and mining industry, the demand for wire and cable will also increase rapidly. The cable industry will have a lot of space in the future development. However, in the process of cable manufacturing and use, cable damage, cable conductor damage, core cut and other faults may occur. So,Control cableWhat are the fault point finding methods, take a look at it!


Because the control cable is generally small in size, it is stretched during the process of manufacturing the cable and extruding the sheath, which is likely to cause on-off failure. Now, we will discuss three methods of how to search for the fault point:
The method of power-on capacitance: someCable manufacturerUsually use the capacitance comparison method to find the approximate location of the broken line, the continuous power mode is the correct way to make the cable break point, the efficiency of this way is very low. Generally speaking, it takes about one and a half hours to find the disconnection point. This method is almost impossible to find a broken core in a flame-retardant cable that is shielded, sheathed, and sheathed. If the production is not good, the flame-retardant cable will be discarded. This method is almost not used now.
The combination of capacitance method and induction method: this method is used for the broken core of the cable core, which requires that there is no cladding metal layer outside the cable core, and there is no extrusion cladding layer. Use the capacitor to find out the approximate location of the cable break, and then use the induced voltage method to accurately find the break point. The induced voltage method is to connect 650V AC voltage at one end of the broken core of the cable, and the other end is grounded with other cores, and test with an induction pen that sends out a light signal. This method is very simple and fast, and is currently the most used method. During the test, the sensor pen slides from the broken core, the signal will change, and the broken point of the cable can be correctly found.
Combining the constant current source and the bridge method: the method of use is to use the constant current source to bake and destroy the insulation of the broken core of the flame retardant cable, and then use the bridge method to accurately locate the fault point, which is also a common method.
The above is the control cable fault point finding method, if you need to know moreYanggu cable, control cableThe content, can contact us at any time!

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