Structure of control cable products

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2021-05-06 09:29

Control cableThe structural elements of the product are generally divided into four main structural elements: wires, insulation layers, shielding and protective layers, as well as filling elements and stretching elements. According to the use requirements and application conditions of the products, some products have extremely simple structures and are a kind of structures of wires, such as overhead bare wires, contact network wires, copper-aluminum buses (busbars), etc, the external electrical insulation of these products is ensured by the spatial distance from the insulator (I. e. air insulation) during installation and laying. So, what is the structure of the control cable product, take a look!
1. Wire
The wire is the main component of the product for the current and electromagnetic wave information transmission function. The wire is the abbreviation of the conductive wire core. It is made of non-ferrous metals with excellent conductivity such as copper and aluminum. The optical fiber cable for optical communication network developed rapidly in the past 30 years uses optical fiber as the wire.


2. Insulation layer
Control cableIn the wire wrapped around the role of electrical insulation components, that is, the transmission of current, electromagnetic waves, light waves can only be along the wire, can not flow to the outside, can cut off the potential on the conductor, that is, the potential difference formed by the surrounding objects, that is, voltage, to ensure the normal transmission function of the wire, while ensuring the safety of external objects and the human body
Conductors and insulation are the two basic components required to make cable products other than bare wires.
3. Protective layer
When the control cable is installed in various environments, it is necessary to protect the whole product, especially the parts of the insulating layer, which is the protective layer.
As insulating materials are required to have excellent electrical insulation properties, they are required to have high purity and minimal impurity content. In most cases, the protection capability to the outside world cannot be taken into account, so various protective layer structures must bear the resistance and resistance to various mechanical forces from the outside world (I .e. setting, use scene, in use), atmospheric environment resistance, chemical resistance and oil resistance, biological invasion prevention, fire damage reduction, etc.
Most of the cable products dedicated to clean, dry, no mechanical external force, such as indoor and other good external environment, the insulation layer material itself has a certain mechanical strength, weather resistance products, can also be no protective layer such components.
It is a component that isolates the electromagnetic field in the cable product from the external electromagnetic field; the cable product must also be isolated from each other between different pairs (or groups) within it. The shielding layer can be said to be an "electromagnetic isolation screen".
filling structure
Yanggu cable factory, cable factoryTo tell you, many wire and cable products are multi-core. If the insulated wire core and wire are made into cables in pairs, one is not round in shape, and the other is that there is a large gap between the insulated wire cores.

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