Discussion on Wire and Cable for Electrical Equipment

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2021-02-25 14:02


 Wire and cable for electrical equipmentIncluding the direct transmission of electrical energy from the distribution points of the power system to electrical equipment, wires and cables with appliances as connecting lines, and various general or special wires and cables in measurement and signal control systems within electrical equipment.Wire and cable for electrical equipmentIs the most widely used, most varieties, the most complex technology products.

All electrical energy is transmitted directly from the final switchgear to various electrical equipment and appliances as connecting wires and cables. Internal connection and installation wires of various electrical equipment; wires and cables used in signal, measurement and control systems are collectively referred toWire and cable for electrical equipment.

 Wire and cable for electrical equipmentThe basic performance requirements are still excellent and stable electrical performance; but because the working voltage of most products is not high, it is easy to meet. Other special requirements (for example, high temperature resistance, flexibility and shielding) require innovation in material selection, structural design and processing technology. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study various special properties with great differences before the need. measures have been met.

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