Maintenance of wire and cable

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2021-02-01 10:05

Wire and cableThe service life depends on the quality of the cable and the environment in which the cable is installed. This wire and cable is mainly insulated by an outer wrap. For a long time by corrosive gas corrosion, insulation performance gradually decreased, slowly aging hard, brittle or fall off. It is very dangerous for wires and cables to lose their insulation properties. If the two cables touch each other or the live wire touches something connected to the earth, there will be a power outage, which will increase the temperature of the local wires, generate sparks, and cause a fire. Therefore, please note:


Wire and cable should not be damp, heat, corrosion or scratch. Wires and cables should be checked for a certain period of time, and any faults should be replaced in time. Wires and cables should not be overloaded. Frequently check the use of home appliances and lines, timely maintenance and repair. For the lines of old buildings, it is found that they are flooded or wet, especially the lines are in disrepair and aging. Please ask the electrician to repair them immediately. For lines that are easily soaked by floods, electricians should be required to move the lines and take overhead and moisture-proof measures. In rainy days, if the power is cut off immediately, ask the electrician to check the reason and assign special personnel to take care of it.
Yanggu Cable FactoryTell you, wire and cable maintenance:
The surroundings of the machine should be kept clean and tidy at all times. There shall be no oil, water or material or product falling off the ground. The waste products caused by production should be concentrated in time and disposed of quickly. Wipe and clean the surface of the machine and whether the machine is well maintained. Check whether the surface of the machine is always clean, whether the tools are placed according to regulations, and whether items that should not be placed are placed on the surface of the machine; add lubricating oil or cooling oil according to regulations, and regularly check whether the oil supply system is unblocked; during the operation of the machine, there is no Abnormal sound or vibration, regularly check and tighten the fasteners; whether the transmission belt is loose or deteriorated during use, should be replaced; whether all machine safety doors, safety barriers, safety covers, safety switches and limit devices are complete, normal and effective; according to the requirements of the tally card, the operator must achieve "three good" and "four meeting"; that is, good management, good use and maintenance; able to use, check, maintain and troubleshoot.Control cableThe maintenance work also needs to be done in place.

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