Measures to prevent wire and cable failure

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2021-03-08 17:23

Through the analysis of the causes of insulation, accessories and outer sheath failures, it can be seen that,Wire and cableThe project is a systematic project, only from the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the whole process management, in order to maximize its safe operation.
From the beginning of the design, we fully understand the grounding system used in the wire and cable, and choose the cable that meets its voltage level to avoid the wire and cable working under long-term overvoltage conditions. The selection of the outer sheath should meet the requirements of the use environment and service life, and the selection of the cable sheath protector should meet the principle that the protector can reliably pass the grounding current without damage when it is relatively grounded.
Cable routing should avoid overheating, corrosion, external damage and other external environmental effects., It also avoidsWire and cableLaying excessive concentration leads to overheating and other internal factors, resulting in heat can not be spread in time. In addition, it is not recommended to lay a double-loop power supply cable path in the pipeline of the same path, so as to avoid damage to the cable path at the same time and cause large-scale power outages.
Strengthen the selection of wires and cables and cable accessories, supervision of manufacturers, acceptance of arrival and other work to ensure the quality of cables and cable accessories. During on-site inspection, the manufacturer, construction personnel, supervision personnel and project supervisor shall be present, check one by one according to the packing list, record the problems found in time, put forward rectification suggestions, and sign for approval by multiple parties. After inspection, the parts that are susceptible to moisture should be sealed in time to prevent moisture from affecting normal use.
Yanggu Cable FactoryRemind you to strengthen personnel training, conduct necessary business qualifications and technical assessments for wire and cable production personnel, and hold certificates. During the quality assurance period, if there are two consecutive failures due to production reasons, the production qualification of the cable head shall be canceled, and the cable head can be reused after being retrained and qualified.
Strengthen the acceptance of hidden works and intermediate links in all aspects of wire and cable engineering, strictly control the quality acceptance, and thoroughly rectify the defects and hidden dangers found in the acceptance of civil engineering, electrical and other projects. And make all records, if necessary, keep photos, videos and other information.Special cableAlso need attention.

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