Low voltage power cable should pay attention to daily maintenance

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2021-01-08 17:06

LV power cableWhat are the daily maintenance?
The use of electricity has led to the rapid development of modern life. If the Yanggu cable is not used and maintained correctly, it may cause certain safety hazards, which may lead to accidents, especially fires. When using pumps and motors, cables are the main cables. In order to ensure safe construction and ensure the quality of Yanggu cable, we need to carry out the following maintenance on Yanggu cable:


In order to ensure the construction quality, especiallyHaohuiThe production quality of the cable head must strictly meet the requirements.
The cable tray shall be kept dry to prevent the cable from becoming damp, which may cause the insulation to fall off and cause a short circuit.
Regularly clean the accumulated dust on the wires and Yanggu cables to prevent the accumulated dust from spontaneously igniting and causing the cables to catch fire.


Strengthen the regular inspection and maintenance of the wire loop switch to ensure reliable operation.
strengthenYanggu CableMonitoring of operation to avoid overload operation and accidents.
Please carry out the wire and cable test on time, and deal with and record the abnormality in time.
If there is a power failure in rainy days, please cut off the power immediately, ask an electrician to check the cause, and then send someone to deal with it.
When laying the cable, please keep a sufficient distance from the heat pipe to avoid thermal interference of the cable. The general control cable is not less than 0.5 meters; the power line is not less than 1 meter. Control cables and power cables should be placed separately, layered and arranged, and cannot be placed on top of each other. For parts that do not meet the requirements, the cable should be flame retardant and heat insulation.
Power cable manufacturersI tell you that in order to save costs and reduce capital investment, it is necessary to extend the service life of wires and cables during use, but this is not simple. It requires not only the excellent quality of the low-voltage power cable itself, but also the timely maintenance and maintenance of the low-voltage power cable, so as to create a safe and comfortable environment.

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