Why wire and cable maintenance

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2021-01-04 13:16

Wire and cableUsed to transmit electrical energy (information), information and wire products for electromagnetic energy conversion. Wires and cables in a broad sense are also referred to as cables. A cable in the narrow sense refers to an insulated cable, which can be defined as: a collection consisting of the following parts; one or more insulated cores and their respective coatings, total protective layer and external protective layer, which can also make the cable have additional insulation.


The vast majorityWire and cableThe product is a product with exactly the same cross-sectional (cross-sectional) shape (ignoring errors caused by manufacturing) and a slender product. This is because it serves as a function of forming a circuit or a coil in a decided system or apparatus. Therefore, to study and analyze the structural composition of cable products, it is only necessary to observe and analyze from its cross section.


The life of the wire and cable depends on the quality of the wire and cable and the installation environment of the cable. The wire and cable are mainly insulated by the jacket. After a long time, it will be corroded by corrosive gas, and the insulation performance will gradually decrease. It will gradually age and become hard, brittle or fall off. The loss of insulation performance of wire and cable is very dangerous.
If two cables touch together or the live wire touches something grounded, current operation will occur, which will increase the temperature of the local wire, generate sparks and cause a fire. Yanggu cable manufacturers remind you to pay attention to some aspects:
Wire and cable for electrical equipmentIt should not be damp, heated, corroded or scratched. After a certain number of years of use, the cable should be inspected. If any defect is found, it should be replaced in time. Do not overload the cable. Frequently check the use of electrical and wiring in the home, and perform maintenance and repairs in time. For wires and cables for electrical equipment in old buildings, if the lines are found to be submerged, especially if the lines cannot be repaired and are aging, please ask an electrician to repair them immediately. For pipelines prone to flooding, electricians should be required to rearrange the pipelines and take measures against overhead and moisture. If there is a power failure in rainy days, please cut off the power immediately, ask an electrician to check the cause, and then send someone to deal with it.Control cableAlso pay attention.

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