Causes and treatment methods of water inflow of wires and cables

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2020-12-24 10:05

Wire and cableThe fault includes water in the cable. Wire and cable water is a very tricky thing. So far, there is no effective way to solve it. The usual treatment method is the intermediate joint, and the other is to replace the entire wire and cable.
The harm of water entering the wire and cable: In view of the fact that water enters the wire and cable, the damage is only a matter of time, and it will also cause damage to the cable. The effective method is to take preventive measures first. Next, let me introduce how to deal with the water in the wire and cable.
causes of wire and cable water:


WhenWire and cableWhen laying through the pipe, the outer insulation layer is broken and water penetrates into the cable.
After laying the wire and cable, the cable heads at both ends are not sealed and exposed to the air for a long time.
If the laying and storage work is not done well, the sealing of the terminal is not good, causing water vapor to enter the cable.
It also includes local failures caused by bumps in the operation of the wire and cable and penetration into the cable.


Wire and cable water treatment method:
LayingWire and cable for electrical equipmentAfter that, please arrange the cable head in time and complete the wiring to eliminate the hidden dangers in the communication seat.
If there is only water at both ends of the cable, just cut off both ends and reconnect the cable head.
If wires and cables for electrical equipment have an obvious water inlet point, the cable must be cut near the water inlet point and intermediate connections must be made.
If there is water in the outdoor cable well or cable channel, try to fix the cable with the highest possible bracket.
Periodically conduct pressure leakage tests on wires and cables for electrical equipment to understand the operating status of the cables.
All in all: the way to deal with wire and cable water is to prevent! Because once the cable enters the water, it is basically scrapped. Therefore,Yanggu cable manufacturersRemind everyone that cables must be checked and maintained regularly in daily use,Control cableIt's the same.

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