Don't check the cable price again, remember this cable price formula and calculate the cost price immediately!

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2020-12-23 09:49

After understanding the price of the cable, we will know that the quotations of different buyers vary greatly. This is because there are many enterprises in the cable market, 5% of large enterprises + 95% of small enterprises, resulting in disorderly competition in the cable market and frequent price wars. This makes buyers very confused when purchasing, cheap afraid of poor quality, expensive afraid of being pit. The price is determined by the value, understand the cost, in the purchase will do well. Shentong Cable will introduce the price formula of the cable to everyone. With full dry goods, you can calculate the cable price by yourself after learning, and you will not be afraid of being trapped.

Before explaining the formula, we must first understand the composition of the cable price. The cable price consists of: conductor cost (copper, aluminum), material cost (insulation, sheath, shielding, steel strip...), additional cost (labor, transportation...), profit, in which material, additional, profit is relatively fixed, and the main material of the conductor (80% of the cable material), copper/aluminum will change at any time, this is also the direct reason why the expert understands the price of copper or aluminum before making an inquiry, so by mastering the formula for calculating the conductor, you can roughly calculate the cost.

We take copper conductor as an example:

Copper Weight * Copper Price = Copper Cost

How is copper weight calculated?

Copper density (0.0089)* copper wire volume = copper weight

How to calculate the volume of copper wire?

Area * Height = Copper Wire Volume

3.14 * radius = area

The following is the final derived formula

0.0089*3.14 * square of radius * height (copper wire length) * copper price (copper unit price today) = copper cost

Note: The radius of the copper wire can be measured with a micrometer.

The above is the formula for calculating the cost of copper, and the export logic of the aluminum cost formula is the same as above.

After understanding the cost of cable copper, the buyer can estimate the manufacturer's material cost and additional cost based on experience or investigation, so as to calculate the manufacturer's profit, thus measuring whether the manufacturer's offer is true. Here, Shentong Cable will also add several other factors that affect the price of cables, and we should consider them flexibly.

Supply and demand: the price is not only determined by cost, but also by supply and demand. For example, the real estate industry is developing well, the demand for cables is large, and the price of cables is rising. With a series of control measures, the real estate industry is affected, and the demand for cables is falling, and the price will fall.

Industry competition situation: as mentioned earlier, the cable industry competition situation is grim, small and medium-sized manufacturers quality, capital, after-sales is not guaranteed, innovation ability is backward, immersed in the low-end field of price war, resulting in the cable industry price confusion, buyers need to carefully screen when purchasing.

Sales model: Different sales models have also become a major factor affecting cable prices. Among them, it is mainly determined by the cost of sales, such as whether there are intermediaries and whether there are convenient sales channels, which are related to cable prices.

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