Yanggu cable factory cable how to extend the service life

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2020-09-20 12:33

In real life,Yanggu Cable FactoryThe wire can usually be used normally within 20 years. Irregular operation during use gradually reduces its service life. In addition, the wires and cables will age after years of use, especially the Yanggu Cable Factory wires used in our home renovation. In actual use, the causes of aging are also diverse. How to extend the service life of the wire?Yanggu cable manufacturer, Yanggu cable manufacturer, Yanggu power cable manufacturerwill be introduced to you.


Yanggu Cable FactoryThe length of the wire life depends on the quality of the wire and the environment in which the wire is installed and used. Yanggu cable factory wires are mainly insulated by the outer layer of the sheath. After a long time, it will be corroded by corrosive gas, and the insulation performance will gradually decrease. It will gradually age and become hard, brittle or fall off. At this time, it will not be insulated. The outer insulating layer of household wires is mainly made of plastic and rubber, which will age and lose its insulating effect after long-term use. The loss of the insulation properties of the wire is very dangerous. If two wires touch together or a live wire touches something grounded, current operation will occur, which will increase the temperature of the local wire and generate sparks. If there are flammable materials near the wires of Yanggu Cable Factory, it is easy to catch fire and cause a fire.
Therefore, during use, please pay attention to the following points, which can also effectively extend the service life of the cables of Yanggu Cable Factory:
The wires must not be damp, heated, corroded or scratched.


Pay attention to check after a certain year.Yanggu Cable FactoryIf the wire is found to be defective, it should be replaced in time.
Do not overload the wires.
Frequently check the use of electrical and wiring in the home, and perform maintenance and repairs in time.
If you find that the wiring of the old building is flooded or wet, especially if the wiring cannot be repaired and is aging, please ask an electrician to repair it immediately.
For pipelines that are prone to flooding, electricians should be required to rearrange the pipelines and take measures to overhead and moisture.
Haohui reminds you that if there is a power failure on a rainy day, the power should be cut off immediately, and then the electrician should check the cause and send someone to take care of it.

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