Process characteristics of Yanggu cable manufacturer

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2020-09-25 10:28

Yanggu Cable ManufacturerThe manufacture of wires and cables is completely different from the manufacture of most electromechanical products. Electromechanical products usually assemble other parts into parts, and then assemble multiple parts into a product, and the product is measured in units or pieces. The basic unit of wire and cable is length.
Yanggu cable manufacturer's large-length continuous stacking combination production method is global and controllable for the production of wire and cable, involving and affecting:


Yanggu power cable manufacturers, Yanggu cable manufacturersThe various equipment in the production workshop must be discharged reasonably according to the process flow required by the product, so that the semi-finished products at each stage can be recycled in sequence. Equipment configuration should consider different production efficiency and balance production capacity. In order to balance the production capacity of the production line, some equipment may have to be equipped with two or more units. Therefore, the layout of equipment and production sites must be reasonably balanced according to the product and output, and comprehensive consideration.


Yanggu Cable ManufacturerProduction organization and management must be scientific, reasonable, thorough, accurate, strict and meticulous. The operator must carefully carry out the process requirements. Any problem in any link will affect the smooth progress of the process and affect the quality and delivery of the product. Especially for multi-core cables, if the length of a certain pair or basic unit is short, or there is a quality problem, the length of the entire cable will be insufficient, resulting in scrap. Conversely, if the length of a unit is too long, the Yanggu cable manufacturer must saw it off and cause waste.


Haohui, mineral insulated fireproof cable manufacturersThe production method of continuous stacking and large-length combination will cause a little problem in any link in the production process and affect the quality of the entire cable. The more quality defects occur in the inner layer, and the production is not terminated in time, the greater the loss will be. Since the production of wires and cables is different from the assembled products, they can be disassembled, reassembled and replaced.

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