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2020-09-18 12:33

Yanggu Cable FactoryThe performance margin is very large. The key quality problem is the poor quality of the double steel wire armor, which will cause the casing and lantern cover to loosen, thereby damaging the cable, especially when drilling, it will produce severe vibration, which is more likely to occur. Therefore, for small diameter double steel wire armour, loose or knotted steel wires should be selected and matched with the stranding pitch of the two layers to minimize internal stress. Yanggu Cable Factory improves the armor quality by referring to the method adopted by logging cable for armor quality. The demand for such cables is in the order of thousands.
With the development of China's central and western regions, the development of the oil industry has become increasingly prominent. in addition to launching the "west-to-east gas transmission" pipeline, a large oil field "hope of hope" is also being developed ". In addition to a large number of general-purpose cables for infrastructure, Yanggu Cable Factory will also develop special cables for the petroleum industry. This isYanggu cable manufacturer, Yanggu cable manufacturer, Yanggu power cable manufacturerThe cable industry provides opportunities to develop new varieties.


At present, there are not many Yanggu cable factories for China's petroleum industry. The products produced in large quantities include medium and deep well logging cables, submersible pump cables, etc. Pilot production of ultra-deep well logging cables, high temperature oil pump cables, submersible halogen pump cables, small diameter logging cables, integrated logging cables, perforated cables, heating cables, electrode system cables and ultrasonic oil production cables, etc., are likely to be produced by ultrasonic cables,Yanggu Cable FactoryPerforated cables and heating cables are produced in large quantities.


Special for petroleum industryYanggu Cable FactoryThe use
The use conditions of the special cables of Yanggu Cable Factory are basically the same as those of logging cables. Most of them are short-term products, but the use requirements are different according to the different oil field areas. The main factors are: geothermal gradient, bottom hole pressure and wellbore medium. The common features of these Yanggu cable factory cables are:
The use condition is bad, the damage is big, the replacement cycle is short;
The working environment is high temperature, high pressure and even hydrogen sulfide;


HaohuiMust be used during all periods of oil field exploration, exploitation and transportation.
Therefore, this type of Yanggu cable factory cable requires a large number of and is worth vigorously developing products.

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