Shandong Yanggu Haohui Cable Won the People's Insurance of China PICC Quality Underwriting

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2020-04-05 20:25

PICC People's Insurance of China and YangguHaohuiCable officially signed! This also means that the People's Insurance of China will guarantee all products of Haohui Cable.

For losses caused by product quality problems, a single product can be compensated up to one million premiums.

As one of the world's top 500 comprehensive insurance companies, the People's Insurance Company of China is very strong in the global insurance industry.

PICC is very strict in reviewing the quality of such types of insurance. First of all, only products with legal compliance and complete quality inspection reports can be covered.

When all insurance companies underwrite this kind of liability insurance, they will conduct a series of comprehensive evaluations such as strict product screening, quality inspection and verification, and quality feedback after marketing.

It is enough to show that Yanggu Haohui Cable is a company with quality assurance, market and customer inspection.


Yanggu Haohui Cable Quality Assurance Commitment

1. The products strictly implement national standards and meet relevant international electrical standards.

2. The products provided by our company to your company ensure that the goods are brand new, technologically advanced, mature and reliable.

3, our company's products in the quality assurance period, strictly implement the relevant statements, the implementation of three guarantees.

4. If an accident is caused by the product quality itself, it will bear all the economic losses caused by it.

5, if necessary, our company strictly fulfill the seller's obligations, to ensure that the quality according to the quantity, to ensure the performance of the contract.

6. Our company strictly implements all the terms of the contract, guarantees the commitments, and strictly implements the relevant agreements negotiated by both parties, and agrees to have legal effect together with the terms of the contract.

7. Our company solemnly promises that the products and services provided fully meet the requirements of the terms and conditions of the bidding technical documents after winning the bid, and take full responsibility for them.

Shandong Yanggu Haohui Cable Co., Ltd. (Yanggu Cable Factory) is located in the ancient city of Millennium-Shandong Yanggu Xiangguang Ecological Industrial Demonstration Park. Our main products are mineral fireproof cables, PVC insulated control cables, overhead insulated cables, aluminum stranded wires and steel core aluminum stranded wires, cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables, PVC insulated power cables, PVC insulated unsheathed (soft) cables and wires and other power products.

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