Electrical equipment wire and cable manufacturers: high voltage cable common problems

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2022-03-03 15:33

Electrical equipment with wire and cable manufacturers: high voltage cable common problem analysis. In recent years, with the development of the power industry, the demand for high-voltage cables has also increased, which has promoted the development of the high-voltage cable industry. Nowadays, there are more and more high-voltage cable manufacturers on the market, in order to bring better users Experience and extend the service life, today's high-voltage cable manufacturers mainly introduce the analysis of high-voltage cables to facilitate safer use in the future.

If there is a problem, we must first consider whether it is the manufacturer's fault. Since the high-voltage cable is mainly composed of three parts, different parts have different manufacturers, which can be divided into the following three categories: cable body, cable joint and cable grounding., Should be eliminated from these three aspects.

1. From the analysis of the causes of the cable grounding system, generally speaking, the main reason for the problem is that the poor sealing of the box leads to multiple grounding of the water in the box, resulting in excessive induced current in the metal sheath. Another reason is that the protector parameter selection is unreasonable or the crystal quality is too good.

2. Starting from the car body manufacturing, generally in the cable production process, there will be problems such as insulation eccentricity, uneven crosslinking, wet cables, and poor sealing of cable metal sheaths. Once this problem occurs, it will have a great impact on future use. If it is serious, it will cause safety hazards.

3. It is a cable connector. During the manufacturing process, the manufacturer should pay attention to avoid the air gap between the insulating tape layers to avoid impurities entering, so it is very necessary to choose a regular professional manufacturer. High-voltage cable manufacturers will not let you have These concerns.

In addition, high-voltage cable manufacturers can also reflect their professionalism in design. They can be adjusted according to the installation environment and conditions, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, so that high-voltage cables can better adapt to the environment and meet the actual needs of customers. Demand, and can give full play to the value of high-voltage cables. If the design is improper, the high-voltage cables may be overloaded, causing the core temperature to rise and damaging the protective sheath, in severe cases, it will be broken down.

Electrical equipment with wire and cable manufacturers: high voltage cable processing matters needing attention?

When using cables, you need to check the product certificate to confirm whether the input voltage, output current and power meet the requirements of supporting products. It is strictly prohibited to overload the cables. In addition, when using cables, you should pay attention to the temperature not exceeding the standard long-term allowable working temperature, and pay more attention to the connection, that is, do not connect cables with wrong colors. In addition, the cable installation under different circumstances should be completed in accordance with the corresponding regulations and operating procedures. This mainly includes post-maintenance and management. Also, when walking, we should suggest a parallel road. Crossing and screwing together are prohibited here. Each process is very important. I hope everyone will pay attention when using it.

The manufacturers of wires and cables for electrical equipment have explained here. Thank you for watching.

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