LV power cable protective layer

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2020-12-04 16:06

Wire and cableIt is a conductor covered with an insulating layer, a protective layer, a shielding layer, etc. used to transmit power or signal current and signal voltage. According to the voltage can be high voltage cable and low voltage power cable. Low-voltage power cables and low-voltage overhead lines,Wire and cable for electrical equipmentAlthough the cost is higher compared to low-voltage overhead insulated lines, laying and maintenance is more difficult.LV power cableIt has the characteristics of reliable operation, no erection of poles, no occupation of the ground, and less affected by the outside world, and is widely used in low-voltage power cable systems.





LV power cableThe outer layer or layers of metal or non-metal material. The protective layer is used to protect the insulating layer from external damage and moisture intrusion during the transportation, laying and use of the wire and cable.






LV power cableProtective layer: low-voltage power cable protective layer is divided into two parts: inner sheath and outer sheath. The inner sheath is directly squeezed on the insulating layer, which not only protects the insulation from moisture, but also prevents the outflow of insulating oil, and has a certain mechanical strength. There are three types of inner sheath: lead pack, aluminum pack and polyvinyl chloride pack. The outer sheath is to protect the inner sheath to increase the ability of the wire and cable to withstand mechanical external forces and corrosion resistance. The outer protective layer includes an inner liner, a metal armor layer and an outer cover layer.






The inner lining cushion layer protects the metal sheath from being damaged by the metal armor layer, and additional anti-corrosion measures can be taken; the metal armor layer can withstand mechanical external force; the outer layer can protect the armored metal from external corrosion.
Plastic wire and cable protective layer: PVC sheath is usually used outside the plastic insulation.
EraserWire and cableProtective layer: the protective layer of rubber wire and cable is divided into inner protective layer and outer protective layer. There are three types of inner sheath: PVC sheath, neoprene rubber sheath (non-combustible rubber) and lead sheath; the outer sheath is divided into three types: steel tape armor, rubber sheath and plastic sheath.Medium Voltage Power CableThere is also a protective layer.


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