Causes of aging of Yanggu cable

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2020-12-11 15:53

Exactly what causesYanggu CableWhat about the aging?Haohui,Power cable manufacturersTo help you summarize, insulation decline and breakdown is the cause of Yanggu cable aging problems. There are many elements that lead to the decline of insulation. According to the experience of practical operation, the following reasons are summarized:




Damage from external forces. According to the data analysis in recent years, most of the currentYanggu CableThe fault is caused by mechanical damage. For example, Yanggu cable is not constructed according to normal specifications during the laying of the device, which is easy to cause mechanical damage. Manufacturing and construction on directly buried Yanggu cable is also particularly easy to damage the running cable. Sometimes if the damage is not severe, it will take several years before the damage site is completely broken down and constitutes a fault. Sometimes the damage is relatively severe and short-circuit faults may occur, which directly affects the safety of the electricity unit.
Chemical corrosion. WillYanggu CableBuried in the place with acid and alkali effect, it is likely to corrode the armor or outer protective layer of the cable. The protective layer suffers from chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion for a long time, which makes the protective layer fail and the insulation drops, which will also lead to the fault of Yanggu cable.
Cable aging reason: insulation damp. This situation is also very easy to occur, usually in the cable joints buried or in the pipe. For example, the unqualified Yanggu cable joint and the time when making the joint are finished in a wet condition, which will cause the joint to enter water or be mixed with water vapor. Over time, water branches will be formed under the effect of electric field, gradually damaging the insulation strength of the cable and causing problems.




Yanggu CableAging reason: cable joint fault. The most vulnerable link in Yanggu cable line is the cable joint. The cable joint fault caused by the personnel not operating according to the regulations often occurs. In the process of manufacturing cable joints, if there are reasons such as insufficient crimping and insufficient heating of the joints, the insulation of Yanggu cable head will decrease, thus causing trouble.
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