The role of low voltage power cable sealing layer

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2020-11-16 10:44

Yanggu CableThe occupancy structure is seriously unbalanced. Ordinary wire and cable products are in short supply, and good products are in short supply. At present, the research investment in Yanggu cable industry is insufficient, and the innovation ability is relatively weak. Yanggu cable compared with advanced foreign, still far apart. You should not only pay attention to Yanggu cable output and give up quality. Improving the quality of Yanggu cable will be the main direction of the cable industry in the future.


LV power cableThe closing layer is a component that prevents the electromagnetic field in the cable product from being isolated from the external electromagnetic field. The resistivity of the semiconductor sealing layer of low-voltage power cables is very low, and it is usually divided into a conductor sealing layer and an insulating sealing layer. The conductor sealing layer of the low-voltage power cable is covered on the conductor, so that the surface of the conductor is lubricated evenly, the influence of the empty ground at the interface between the conductor and the insulating layer on the electrical performance is removed, and the low-voltage power cable avoids the partial discharge layer between the conductor and the insulator.


LV power cableThe insulating sealing layer is wrapped on the insulating surface and has good contact with the closed insulating layer. The grounding potential is the same as that of the metal sealing layer. The low-voltage power cable removes the influence of the open ground between the insulating insulating layer and the grounding metal sealing layer on the electrical performance. Partial discharges between the insulating layer and the metal sealing layer can be avoided.


LV power cableAnother type of sealing layer is a metal sealing layer, usually made of copper tape and copper wire.LV power cableAs the braid density and number of layers increase, the sealing effect of the low-voltage power cable is enhanced to prevent the magnetic field generated by the current from affecting other components. The commonly used Yanggu cable sealing layer is generally metal closed, with low cost and good effect, which can meet the requirements of most customers,Medium Voltage Power CableThere will also be.

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