What is the name of the wire and cable model on the market?

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2020-11-07 12:50

Yanggu Haohui cable tells you how the wire and cable model is named.

The naming method of Chinese Pinyin and numbers is adopted. Category: ZR (Flame Retardant) NH (Fire Resistant) BC (Low Smoke Low Halogen) E (Low Smoke Halogen Free) K (Control Cable) DJ (Electronic Computer) N (Agricultural Direct Buried) JK (Overhead Cable) B (Wire Layout)

Core conductor: T (copper conductor) L (aluminum conductor) G (steel core) R (copper cord)

Insulation: V (polyvinyl chloride) YJ (cross-linked polyethylene) Y (polyethylene) X (natural styrene-butadiene rubber mixture insulation) G (silicone rubber mixture insulation) YY (ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber mixture insulation) Z (oil-impregnated paper)

Shielding: P (copper mesh shielding) P1 (copper wire winding) P2 (copper tape shielding) P3 (aluminum-plastic composite tape shielding)

Sheath: V (PVC sheath) Y (polyethylene sheath) F (neoprene compound sheath)

Others: H (for electric welding machine) T (for elevator) W (with outdoor weather resistance) Q (light) Z (medium) C (heavy) B (parallel or flat) S (twisted pair) J (twisted)

B(B)-the first letter represents the wiring, the second letter represents the glass yarn. V(V)-the first letter indicates polyethylene (plastic) insulation and the second letter indicates polyethylene sheath.

F(F)-compound type

The above questions are answered by Shandong Yanggu Haohui Cable Co., Ltd.

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