How to classify wire and cable?

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2020-11-07 12:42

Yanggu Haohui cable tell you how to classify wires and cables?

China's wire and cable products are divided into five categories according to their use:

1. Bare wire: refers to products with only conductors and no insulation layer, such as LJ,TJ,LGJ,(JL/G), etc.

2. Winding wire: a wire used to cut magnetic lines of force in a magnetic field in the form of a winding to induce a current or to generate a magnetic field through a current. Therefore, it is called electromagnetic wire, which includes enameled wire and winding wire with various characteristics.

3. Power cable: a cable product used to transmit and distribute large functional electric energy in the main line of the power system. The basic structure of the power cable is composed of four parts: core (conductor), insulation layer, shielding layer and protective layer

4, communication cable and communication cable: transmission of audio and audio above all kinds of telecommunications information with wire and cable products, including the city communication cable, long-distance symmetrical cable and the same column (trunk) communication cable. Communication cable is optical fiber (optical fiber) as a light wave transmission medium, information transmission, so also known as fiber optic cable. Because of its small transmission attenuation, frequency bandwidth, light weight, small diameter, not subject to electromagnetic interference and other characteristics, communication cable has gradually replaced the communication cable.

5. Wires and cables for electrical equipment: from the power distribution point of the power system to directly transmit electric energy to the power connection lines of various electrical equipment. Wires and cables for electrical installation and control signals in various industrial and agricultural equipment are all in this category of products.

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