Structural characteristics of fire-resistant positive valley cable

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2020-09-07 10:31

Fire resistanceYanggu CableThe structure is basically the same as that of ordinary cables. The difference is that the conductor of the fire-resistant male valley cable uses a copper conductor with good fire resistance, and a fire-resistant layer is added between the conductor and the insulating layer. The refractory layer is wrapped by multiple layers of mica tape. Because the allowable working temperature of different mica tapes is very different, the key to the fire resistance of Yanggu cable is mica tape.


Mineral insulated fireproof cable manufacturersTo tell you, mineral insulated cable is one of the best fire resistant cable. It is made of copper core, copper sheath and magnesium oxide insulation material. The cable is completely composed of inorganic materials as a fire-resistant layer, while the fire-resistant layer of ordinary fire-resistant cables is a composite material of inorganic materials and general organic materials. However, the price is expensive, the process is complex, and the construction is difficult. This cable has good fire resistance and can be used in oil irrigation areas, important wooden public buildings, high temperature places and other occasions with high fire resistance and economic benefits.


According to the specific characteristics of fire-resistant Yanggu cables, designers should pay attention to the following issues when designing and selecting:
When inYanggu CableWhen using fire-resistant Yanggu cables in tunnels, cable interlayers with dense Yanggu cables or in flammable places such as oil pipes and oil depots, Class A fire-resistant cables should be selected first. In addition to the above, when the number of Yanggu cables is small, Class B fire-resistant Yanggu cables can be used.
The fire-resistant Yanggu cable is mainly used as the power circuit of the emergency power supply, and needs to operate normally in the event of a fire. When the ambient temperature rises sharply in a fire, in order to ensure the transmission capacity of the line and reduce the voltage drop, the cross section of the fire-resistant cable should be enlarged by at least one level for circuits with long power lines and strictly limited allowable voltage drop.


Fire resistant cables cannot be used as high temperature cables.
Yanggu wire and cable manufacturers, power cable manufacturersI tell you, in order to reduce the failure probability of cable joints in a fire accident, the number of joints should be reduced as much as possible during the installation process to ensure that the cable can work normally in a fire. If branch wiring is required, the joints should be fireproofed. There are questions can be in the Yanggu cable under the official website message.

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