Causes of aging of Yanggu cable

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2020-08-26 10:27

Mineral insulated fireproof cable manufacturers,Yanggu Cable FactorySummarizes the causes of cable intermediate pressure head aging analysis:
The main performance has two aspects: first, the touch resistance of the center head gradually increases; second, the touch resistance of the center gradually increases. Second, the insulation resistance of the central head decreases year by year, and the leakage current increases year by year. Both of these reasons may cause the surface temperature of the center head to increase. There are many reasons for the degradation of the central head of Yanggu cable. The main reasons are:





The Yanggu cable usually runs under full load, because the heating effect of the current will generate heat, which causes the temperature of the center head to be too high, and the insulation of the center head of the Yanggu cable immediately deteriorates.
Yanggu cable often bears a large current impact load during operation, or it will cause short-circuit current impact due to the suspicion of electrical equipment. The insulation layer forming the center head changes frequently in temperature due to cold and heat fluctuations, and the temperature difference is large, causing the insulation to deform and become brittle, and the insulation of the center head immediately deteriorates.
Yanggu CableThe skills of the center head are not in place, the oxide film at the connection and reception is not clean, or the operator's hands are stained with oil and dust, which stick to the core wire joint, increasing the contact resistance at the joint. In long-term operation, the gradual increase in touch resistance will cause greater active power loss, and the generated heat will become greater and greater, resulting in excessive temperature of the center head and faster insulation degradation.






InYanggu CableIn the manufacturing process of the center head, when the heat-shrinkable tube is heated, the temperature is difficult to control, and the insulating material is easily burned, so that the insulation resistance is lowered. Or during the heating process, due to uneven heating or poor sealing, small cracks on the end face, the formation of insulation resistance decreases year by year, and the leakage current increases year by year.
Yanggu cable which is goodDue to the poor connection quality of the wire core, the uneven thickness may not be able to match the joint well, so the touch surface is good or bad. Under the influence of high current load, the temperature at the joint is too high to accelerate the insulation aging.

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