Yanggu Cable Factory: Basic Laying Method of Yanggu Cable

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2020-08-06 17:45

Yanggu CableThere are many laying methods, according to the different laying positions of the line in the building, it is divided into open laying and hidden laying. According to the different laying positions on the building structure, it is divided into laying wires along the wall, along the column, along the beam, along the ceiling and along the ground.
Yanggu Cable FactoryRemind you that the laying of Yanggu cable conductors is carried out after the completion of all buildings, and is generally used for simple buildings or newly added lines. Yanggu cable is laid in the dark, this is the wire laying, this is the wire laying in the pipeline in the building.


Yanggu cable laying and building structure construction synchronization. During the construction process, various conduits and embedded parts are first placed in the building structure, and the wiring is completed after the construction is completed. Dark laying is the main way of laying wires in buildings.
LayingYanggu CableThe method is also called wiring method. The difference between different laying methods is mainly due to the different fixing methods of the wires on the building, and the different materials, equipment and wire types used. According to the different wire fixing materials, the common indoor wire laying methods are as follows:
Plywood wiring: Clamp wiring uses porcelain or plastic clips to clamp and secure wires. Applicable to general places.
Porcelain Wiring: Porcelain Wiring uses porcelain bottles to support and fix wires. The size of the porcelain bottle is larger than the splint, so it is suitable for places with large cross-sections and wet wires. Electrical Design Video Tutorial for Tree Bird Education
Through the wiring: The wiring duct uses plastic or metal slots to support and fix the wires. Suitable for dry places.


Stamping sheath wiring: Stamping sheath wiring uses plastic staples to support and fix the wires and is suitable for dry places.
Pipe wiring: Pipe wiring isYanggu CableGo through the pipe and then apply it to various locations in the building. Different pipes can be used in different places, mainly for dark laying.

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