Yanggu cable factory selects flame retardant grade of wire and cable

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2020-08-03 15:23

With the increasing popularity of social intelligence, modern wiring, like the human nervous system, extends to every corner of the building, full of dense cables, especially like the data center and skyscraper infrastructure under construction, the number of cables they carry is even more amazing. Every time you do a project, you will only think: how many kinds of cables and meters will be used in this project? There are many types of wire and cable, but their fire resistance and flame retardant requirements have been ignored and become a huge fire hazard. Therefore, several elements of wire and cable fire resistance and flame retardant rating should be considered in engineering design.Yanggu Power Cable Manufacturer,Yanggu cable manufacturerSome reference suggestions are provided:




Cable laying environment
The laying environment of the cable largely determines the probability of the cable being attacked by external fire sources and the possibility of disaster caused by delayed combustion after fire. For example, non-flame retardant cables can be used in direct buried or separately penetrated pipes (metal, asbestos, cement pipes), but they can also be placed in semi-enclosed bridges, trunking or special cable trenches (with covers), which can reduce the flame retardant requirements by one or two levels. It is recommended to use flame retardant C or flame retardant d
Because in this environment, the possibility of being attacked by external factors is very small, even if the combustion is blocked by the narrow water in the space, it is easy to extinguish by itself, and it is not easy to cause disasters. On the contrary, if it is exposed indoors, or it is easy to reach the tunnel, interlayer, tunnel corridor or pedestrian fire, the flame retardant rating should be moderately increased.Yanggu Cable FactoryIt is recommended to choose flame retardant Class B, or even flame retardant Class A




When the above-mentioned environment is before and after the high-temperature furnace or in the flammable and explosive chemical, petroleum and mining environment, it must be strictly handled and cannot be too high.Yanggu Cable FactoryIt is recommended to use flame retardant Class A or halogen-free low-smoke flame retardant Class A.

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