What is the scope of application of wires and cables for electrical equipment

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2021-10-19 09:36

  Wires for electrical equipmentCables are used to transmit wire products that achieve electrical (magnetic) energy, information and electromagnetic energy conversion. A generalized wire and cable is also called a cable. A narrow cable is an insulated cable, which can be defined as a collection of the following parts: one or more insulated cores and a cover that each core can have, the entire protective layer and the outer protective layer, The cable can have additional conductors without insulation.


The application of wires and cables for electrical equipment is equivalent to the microvascular and peripheral nerves of the human body, and is widely used in various fields such as industry, agriculture, transportation, construction, medical treatment, electronics, national defense, and daily life. Because it is essentially a wire and cable, it can be said to be an "electrical system" or "terminal". Therefore, with the modernization of all walks of life and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, rapid development. Therefore, the renewal and development of this variety is the most and the fastest. Special varieties are also the most. Due to the wide range of use, there are many general-purpose product series for electrical equipment wires and cables, which can meet the general environment and most of the use conditions (such as general-purpose insulated wires, insulated wires, general-purpose rubber cables, etc.), with an annual output of more than 10 million kilometers. It can be said to be a large product. In many special use environment, the use of special equipment under special circumstances, the design and production of a variety of special products and special products. Marine, automotive, aircraft, mining, pyrometer measurement, especially flexible products. The basic performance requirements of wires and cables for electrical equipment are still good electrical performance and stability. But the working voltage of most products is not high, it is easy to meet. Other special performance requirements, such as high temperature, flexibility, shielding, in the material selection, structural design and processing need to be innovative, therefore, must carefully study the large differences in a variety of special properties, in order to be met.

What is the scope of application of wires and cables for electrical equipment?Yanggu cable manufacturers, power cable manufacturersExplain for everyone.

electric power system

The wires and cables used in the power system mainly include overhead bare wires, buses (buses), power cables (plastic cables, oil-paper power cables (basically replaced by plastic power cables), rubber sleeve cables, overhead insulated cables), branch cables (partially replaced by buses), electromagnetic wires and electrical equipment wires and cables, etc.

information transmission system

The wires and cables used in the information transmission system mainly include municipal cables, television cables, electronic cables, wireless cables, optical cables, data cables, electronic cables, power communication or other composite cables.

Mechanical Instrumentation System

This section applies to almost all products, but overhead exposedWireExcept, but mainly power lines, magnet wires, data wires, instrument cables, etc.

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