Solution to the branch problem of low voltage power cable

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2020-11-04 14:42

InLV power cableIn the current production activities, the use of electricity is very important to everyone, and the use of low-voltage power cables is also very important to everyone. Let's talk about that. Let everyone better understand the low voltage power cable.


WhenLV power cableWhen it is necessary to directly supply power to two or more power receiving terminals, the following three situations usually occur:
Unit branch connections.
Set LV power cable branch box.
The low voltage power cable surrounds the one or more powered terminals.


These three methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, should be selected according to their own needs. In short, the branch connector of the device is more economical, but it is inconvenient to operate and maintain;LV power cableThe ring is more sensitive in operation and easier to repair, but it requires a certain length of cable, which requires a large investment. The advantages and disadvantages of the branch box are between the two.


LV power cableThe branch box is set on the ground, and the low-voltage power cable is introduced into the low-voltage power cable box before branching. The cable loop-in method actually constitutes a loop power supply to the users, that is, a dual power supply is provided to each user. Branch connectors are not as easy to disassemble and assemble as branch boxes. Compared with ordinary cable intermediate connectors, there are some special requirements for the core wire connection process and the sealing process of the outer jacket.
in recent years,LV power cableThe production and use of electricity became active, especially in high-rise buildings in the south, for the supply of electricity. Some branch cables were used and installed in the vertical corridor of the elevator.
The color of the insulated core of the low voltage power cable wire shall be the color recommend by the specification, especially the yellow/green core. Such wires are commonly used in power cords for electrical products. The special two-color wire of this low-voltage power cable is dedicated to grounding.

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