Safety of Yanggu Cable

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2020-07-22 11:18

Yanggu CableIt is usually a rope cable twisted by several or several groups of wires (at least two in each group). Each set of wires is insulated from each other and is often twisted around a center. The entire enclosure is covered with a highly insulating coating. Most of them are installed in the air, underground or underwater for communication or power transmission. Cable according to the use can be divided into power cable, communicationYanggu Cableand control cables. So, are there any safety requirements when using Yanggu cable? What are its protective measures? How to store it? Details are as follows:



Mineral insulated fireproof cable manufacturers,Yanggu power cable manufacturersTell you, Yanggu cable safety requirements
When Yanggu cables cross each other, high-voltage cables should be lower than low-voltage cables.
When the Yanggu cable crosses the railway or highway, it should be protected by the pipe, and the protective pipe should extend 2m from the track or road surface.
The distance between the Yanggu cable and the foundation of the building should ensure that the cable is buried outside the water of the building; when the cable is introduced into the building, it should be protected by pipes, and the protective pipes should also exceed the periphery of the building.



UseYanggu CableProtective sleeve protection cable can achieve the following advantages:
Good corrosion resistance, long service life, can be used in wet saline-alkali land.
It has good flame retardancy and heat resistance, can be used for a long time under 130 without deformation, and does not burn in case of fire.
High strength and rigidity. It can be directly buried under the traffic lane without adding a concrete protective layer, which can improve the construction progress of the roller fast cable project
The Yanggu cable protection sleeve, whether it is a pipe or a pipe fitting, has a certain degree of flexibility and can resist damage caused by external pressure and foundation settlement.
It has good anti-external signal interference performance.
The inner wall is smooth and will not scratch the cable. The design adopts socket connection mode, which is convenient for installation and connection. A rubber seal ring is added at the joint, which not only adapts to thermal expansion and contraction, but also prevents sediment from entering.

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