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Pre-branched Multi-core Cable

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1. Compared with bus duct, obviously reducing the cost of power distribution;
2. Shortening the construction period and greatly reducing the construction cost;
3. The main cable conductor has no joints, and the branch connector is manufactured by the whole process of mechanization and advanced technology. The joint resistance is extremely small, with excellent power supply safety and reliability;
4. The bending radius is small. When laying in a complex site for construction, the installation difficulty are greatly reduced, requiring less laying space; The requirement of usage environment is low, and the installation is convenient and simple: only one ordinary winch is needed;
5. The prefabricated branch cable system in normal operation does not need any maintenance at ordinary times, and the failure rate is zero;
6. High-strength sealed joints are adopted at the branching points, with excellent waterproof, moisture-proof and earthquake-resistant and fire-resistant properties;
7. Flexible selection and arbitrary combination. The position of branch joint can be arbitrarily set according to the needs of floors. The main cable can be arbitrarily combined from 10mm2-1200mm2, and ordinary, flame retardant, fire resistant, low smoke and halogen-free cables can be selected as per the needs of the environment.

Main Functions

1. The single-core cable shall not break down against AC 3500V test voltage for 1min after being immersed in water for 1h;
2. Insulation resistance is greater than or equal to 200 MΩ;
3. The contact resistance of branch joint is small, and the ratio of contact resistance to reference resistance of branch line of equal length is less than or equal to 1.2;
4. The short-circuit strength of the joint is large, and the change rate of contact resistance ratio after short-circuit is less than or equal to 0.2;
5. For ZR-YJV branch cable with flame retardant belt, the self-extinguishing time of protective sheath is less than or equal to 12s, meeting the requirements of GB 12666.5;
6. NH fire-resistant cable can not only supply power under normal working conditions, but also keep normal operation for 90min under burning conditions, meeting the requirements of GB 12666.6;
7. It has excellent corrosion resistance and can resist the corrosion of inorganic salt, oil, alkali, acid and organic solvent;
8. YJV cable with branch has excellent thermal stability and anti-aging properties.

Product Details

YFD series with branch cable varieties and models

Model Name
YFD-VV Prefabricated branch cable with PVC insulation and PVC sheath
YFD-ZR-VV PVC insulated PVC sheathed prefabricated branched flame-retardant cable
YFD-NH-VV PVC insulated PVC sheathed prefabricated fire-resistant cable with branch
YFD-YJV XLPE insulated PVC sheathed prefabricated branch cable
YFD-ZR-YJV XLPE insulated PVC sheathed prefabricated branched flame-retardant cable
YFD-NH-YJV XLPE insulated PVC sheathed prefabricated fire-resistant cable with branch

Note: ①The rated voltage (U0/U) is 0.6/1KV.
               ②The trunk and branch cables use black jackets.
               ③If the branch cable is required to use the color code (yellow, red, green, light blue, yellow/green) BV-500 type wire, it should be specified when ordering.
The cable representation method is: model + voltage level + trunk cable section + branch cable section
Example: The main cable insulation is cross-linked polyethylene insulation, PVC sheath, and the conductor cross-section is 240 mm2, and the branch cable insulation is cross-linked polyethylene insulation, PVC sheath, and the conductor cross-section is 35 mm2.
Expressed as: YFD-YJV0.6/1Kv(1×240)/(1×35).
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Please provide the following materials
1. System diagram The length of the vertical main cable and each branch cable, and the arrangement of branch connections.
2. Power distribution system Single-phase two-wire, single-phase three-wire, three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire and three-phase five-wire.
3. Vertical main cable (XLPE/PVC cable) cable model, single-core or single-core twisted wire, and wire size.
4. Wire size of branch cable (XLPE/PVC single core cable).
5. Laying method Pull up from the ground or drop from the roof.
6. Whether the upper end support uses a cable clamping device or a suspension adjustable insulation device.
7. Attached accessories, fixtures, brackets, etc.
8. Other items you think are needed.
Installation method
1. Put the cable reel on the pay-off rack (usually the cable reel is placed downstairs and the cable is lifted up).
2. The hoisting rope is connected with the cable through the winder, and the winder is turned on to lift the cable up.
3. When the lifting cable net sleeve reaches the roof, hang the net sleeve on the hook prepared in advance.
4. Fix the middle part.
5. Connect the end of the branch line to an ammeter or a circuit breaker.
6. Connect to the horizontal trunk line or the main trunk line version.
Attention during construction
1. Confirm whether the prefabricated branch part can safely pass through the through hole;
2. Take preventive measures to prevent the branch parts from being damaged by the through holes during the lifting process;
3. Do not apply tension to the branch cable during the lifting process;
4. The strength of the lifting rope should be more than four times the weight of the cable;
5. After the cable is lifted, it should be fixed immediately with appropriate methods to prevent the cable from falling off and being damaged;
6. It is forbidden to use iron clamps for single-core cables.
Schematic diagram of branch connection box structure and installation diagram    



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