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Electric drill cable for coal mine with voltage 0.3/0.5kV

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  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Electric drill cable for coal mine with voltage 0.3/0.5kV
    • Commodity ID: 1171377236897058816

    1. Scope of application
    This product is suitable for power connection of electric drills with rated voltage of 0.3/0.5kV and below in coal mine.

    2. Implementation of standards
    MT 818.1-2009 Cables for Coal Mines Part 1: General Provisions for Mobile Flexible Cables for Coal Mines.
    MT 818.8-2009 Cables for coal mines-Part 8: Electric drill cables for coal mines with a rated voltage of 0.3/0.5kV.

    3. Features
    The conductor of this cable adopts the same direction structure, which not only improves the bendability of the cable, but also reduces the outer diameter of the cable. The power line core insulation adopts XJ-30A ethylene-propylene insulation rubber, and the outer protective layer adopts XH-03A neoprene. The flame retardant grade meets the requirements of the MT386-2011 "Test Methods and Judgment Rules for Flame Retardancy of Flame Retardant Cables for Coal Mines". The above materials and technologies are adopted to ensure the safety and reliability of cable operation.

    4. Cable model name purpose





    Electric drill rubber sheathed cable for coal mine

    Power Connection of Electric Drill with Rated Voltage of 0.3/0.5kV and Below in Coal Mine


    Electric drill shielded rubber sheathed cable for coal mine

    5. Cable structure diagram


    6. Cable working conditions
    6.1 rated voltage Uo/U is 0.3/0.5kV.
    The minimum bending radius of the 6.2 cable is 6 times the cable diameter.
    The earth wire of 6.3 cable shall be well grounded.

    7. Power frequency voltage test
    The insulated power core and control core shall be subjected to the power frequency voltage test specified in Table 4 without breakdown.

    Table 2

    Type of insulated core

    Rated voltageUo/U(KV)

    Test voltage (effective value) kV

    Voltage application time (min)

    Power line core




    Control core




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