Let's talk about some knowledge of low-voltage power cables and the advantages of power cables.

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2022-05-31 11:52

Let's talk about it.LV power cableSome knowledge and advantages of power cable

Low-voltage power cable knowledge

  LV power cableIt is the transmission carrier of power transmission. Now many people don't know much about the maintenance knowledge of this product in daily use. I hope you can learn how to maintain low-voltage power cables after reading this article.

Low-voltage power cables have been used for a long time and need to be overhauled. Otherwise, if leakage is caused, major accidents may occur. In fact, the daily maintenance of this cable product is also very simple, because all our products are made under specific models. When we are testing, all of us only need to follow the same model for maintenance. In the police academy, pay attention to checking the insulation layer of the outer cable layer of the product, if there is damage or oxidation, it should be dealt with in time to avoid major accidents. If necessary, check the joints of the power cables according to the product model of the low-voltage power cables. If it is loose, it should be reinforced in time.

The low-voltage power cable can withstand the impact of some mechanical external forces to a large extent, because it has very good flexibility and bending characteristics, so even if it is frequently moved and twisted during use, its quality will not be affected, because it works The place is special, and because of some environmental factors, we have higher requirements for her overall softness and bending performance, when we installLV power cableWe need to be careful not to let it be scratched by some sharp substances, because once the scratch appears, it may shorten his overall service life.

This paper introduces the advantages of power cable

1. The area is small, and all kinds of wires rotating in mid-air are messy, which occupy a lot of space in terms of visual effects. However, power cable manufacturers say that power cables can be laid in soil, tunnels and indoors without erecting telephone poles, because their insulation distance is very small, saving a lot of space, and will not damage the appearance of the place they go.

The protective layer of the power cable is not only waterproof, but also can block the erosion of other impurities on the cable and reduce the impact of climate and the surrounding environment. The cable manufacturer tells you that the insulation layer ensures the independence and stability of the power transmission between the cables.

3. There is a lot of room for improvement. With the continuous improvement of power cable power capacity and voltage, the use value is also increasing, and the demand for this has also increased to a certain extent.

4. Once laid, the maintenance workload is relatively small. The power cable manufacturer tells you that the installation channel of the power cable does not need to be exposed, so the corresponding damage is also reduced, and the maintenance of it is less than that of ordinary wires.

5. Large distributed capacitance, the conductive core material selected for the power line is very conductive, there are usually multiple conductive cores inside the cable, and the power line per unit length has a larger capacity than the overhead line of the same section.

6. The possibility of electric shock is small. The conductive core of the power cable is wrapped by the insulating layer, the shielding layer and the protective layer. With the layer-by-layer protection and its installation method, the aging speed of the line will be slowed down, and the possibility of damage will be reduced. Reduce the possibility of electric shock.

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