Wire and cable manufacturers for electrical equipment: selection of wires and cables

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2022-03-03 15:26

Electrical equipment wire and cable manufacturers: how to choose the right wire and cable, wire and cable is the product we are familiar with, in our lives in almost many places are also used, so that we can buy good quality products, the following is how to choose wire and cable, to tell you about its method.

Wire and cable are very demanding when they are used, so the quality must not be sloppy. The first thing you need to know here is that you can look at its packaging, because the national standard wires are often well-made, neat, and have a feeling of holding the quality. Then you need to open the package and look at the wires inside. Generally speaking, as long as it is a national standard wire and cable, its 1.5-6 square meters of wires require a skin thickness of 0.7mm, so you should also master these points. What's more, if it is too thick, it will not be standardized. Correspondingly, its core is definitely not enough. Therefore, the requirements in this respect should still be met. You can also choose line skin. You can pull hard. It is generally the national standard that is not easy to tear. When buying wires and cables, you can also choose to burn with fire, and those who go out within 5 seconds after leaving have a certain flame retardant function. This product will not have any problems with it.

The following are some methods and techniques for buying wire and cable. In addition, as a consumer, when buying wire and cable, you should also look at its inner core, because this speed is also very important. Generally speaking, as long as the material brightness of the inner core (copper) is higher, copper is better and the brightness is more uniform. If you find that there is no gloss when you buy it, then don't choose shiny and layering, the national standard requires that the inner core must be made of oxygen-free copper. If the target is not black rod copper, there may be potential accidents. There will be many users who do not understand these knowledge points. If you say it here, you will understand. In addition, when buying wires and cables, you should also know that the state stipulates that there must be a certain mark on the wires, and the next same mark will be marked if it does not exceed 500mm, generally, there are product trademarks, manufacturer names, implementation standards, etc. Only by mastering these can you choose the wire and cable that suits you.

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