Common national standard wire and cable models and specifications

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2021-09-03 09:07

DueWire and cable for electrical equipmentThere are many types, and there are different classification methods for wires and cables for electrical equipment according to their characteristics. Comprehensive product performance, structure and manufacturing technology similarity, combined with the power system wire and cable use characteristics, electrical equipment wire and cable can be divided into bare wire, magnetic cable, power cable, electrical equipment wire and cable, communication wire and cable three categories.

CableThe use

1. Power system

Suitable for electrical equipment with wire and cable products mainly include overhead transmission lines with bare wires, busbars, power cables and electrical equipment with electrical equipment with wire and cable.


2. Information transmission system

Electric Wires and Cables for Electric Equipment Electric wires and cables used in information transmission systems include telephone cables, cable television cables, data transmission cables, radio frequency cables for mobile radio communication systems, various electronic cables, and the like. In recent years, the proportion of wires and cables in the power system in the information transmission network has increased rapidly and has become the main transmission medium of information transmission lines.

3. Internal wires and cables for electrical instruments

Electrical equipment with wires and cables in power and information two systems, from the system starting point (such as generators, signal transmitters) to the system nodes, such as transformers, program-controlled switches, to user terminals) such as household appliances, telephones, televisions, computers, all these equipment.

Where to use wire and cable

[1] home lighting code

The lighting code uses 1.5 square. The load power of general household lighting is not too large. Dining room, living room, primary and secondary bedroom, balcony, kitchen, toilet 6-8 lights, control within 1500 watts, 1.5 square copper wire is enough.

[2] water heater socket with line

Wire and cable for electrical equipment: water heaters are relatively large in household appliances, so it is recommend to use 4 square wires. The 4 square copper core wire can withstand a load of 7000-8000 watts at most, and the limit value is 8000 watts. Therefore, there is no big problem when the water heater and the bus are turned on at the same time, and the overload is only tripping.

[3] air conditioning socket cord

The air conditioner is also a high-power household appliance. Therefore, the socket also uses 4 square wires. Of course, 6 square meters can also be used, but in this way, the construction will be difficult, the area occupied by the bottom box of the socket will also become larger, and the wiring will become very troublesome.

[4] code of ordinary socket

Ordinary sockets at home can use 2.5 square wires, and the general load is controlled within 2500 watts. However, when often using high-power electrical equipment, it is recommended to choose 4 square wires.

[5] kitchen socket wire

The socket in the kitchen recommend 4 square wires, on the one hand because there are many appliances in the kitchen, on the other hand because of the high frequency of use. Some kitchens have square wires through the ceiling, sockets are arranged below, and 2.5 square wires are used to ignite. All sockets are connected separately from four-way wires, so this is no problem.

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