Matters needing attention in the purchase of wire and cable

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2020-12-15 16:17

To view the inspection report:Wire and cableAs a product that will affect personal and property safety, it has been listed as the focus of supervision and inspection. Power cable manufacturers will regularly accept inspections by supervision departments. Therefore, the seller should be able to provide the inspection report of the quality inspection department, otherwise, the quality of wire and cable products is lack of basis.


Look at the packaging: all formal enterprises that produce products that meet national standards should pay attention to theirWire and cableof packaging. When buying, please pay attention to the exquisite packaging, clear printing, complete model specifications, factory name and factory address.


Look at the appearance: product appearance smooth and round, uniform color. Wire and cable companies whose products meet the requirements of national standards strictly control the procurement of raw materials, production equipment and production processes to improve product quality and ensure that products meet national standards. Therefore, the appearance of the produced wire and cable products meets the standard requirements, smooth, round, and even color. The appearance of fake and inferior products is rough and dull. For rubber-insulated flexible cables, they are required to have a round appearance, a tight sheath, an insulating layer and a conductor that is not easy to peel off. Fake wires and cables are fake and inferior products with rough appearance, large ovality, and low insulation strength of the sheath, which can be torn by hand.
Look at the conductor: the conductor is shiny, and the DC resistance and conductor structure size meet the requirements of national standards. Wire and cable products for electrical equipment that meet the requirements of national standards, whether they are aluminum conductors or copper conductors, are relatively bright and oil-free, so the DC resistance of the conductors is fully in line with national standards, with good conductivity and high safety.
Power cable manufacturersTell you, measure the length of wires and cables;Wire and cable for electrical equipmentLength is the main intuitive way to distinguish between products that meet national standards and fake and shoddy products. When buying, do not covet cheap, buy the actual number of meters lower than its nominal meters of wire and cable. Yanggu cable length needs to meet the standard.

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