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Commitment to Product Quality and After-sales Service

Quality Assurance

1. The products strictly comply with national standards and meet relevant international electrical standards.

2. Our company guarantees that the relevant statements are strictly implemented and the Three Guarantees are offered during the quality guarantee period.

3. If an accident is caused by the product quality itself, the Company will bear all the economic losses caused thereby.

4. Our company strictly fulfills the seller's obligations, guarantees the quality and quantity, and ensures the performance of the contract. All the terms of the contracts will be implemented and commitments will be ensured. And the relevant agreements agreed by both parties will be strictly implemented, which we agree to regard as the same legal terms as the contract terms.


After-sales Service Commitment

1. We promise that the products we provide to you are brand-new, technologically advanced, mature and reliable.

2. We are willing to send qualified technicians to the installation site of the contract goods to train your technicians, and carry out guiding, installation and debugging, and cooperation during start-up and commissioning, and be responsible for solving manufacturing defects found during installation, commissioning and trial operation of contract goods. In case of any problem, we will reply in time within 12 hours after receiving the notice and arrive at the site within 24 hours.

3. If there are technical service requirements, we will reply you by fax in written after consultation with you. In order to meet the site requirements, you have the right to propose changes and modifications, and we will give full consideration of them to meet your requirements as much as possible.

4. After the expiration of the contract, if required by you, we will provide you with the necessary spare parts for repairing and maintaining the contract goods at the most favorable prices, and provide you, free of charge, with all relevant technical data on improving the contract goods.

5. We are responsible for handling the transportation and insurance of goods, and bear all risks and responsibilities in terms of quality and safety during the transportation of goods.

6. We welcome a manufacturing supervision representative appointed by you for manufacturing supervision and factory inspection, and we are willing to provide all the conveniences for the manufacturing supervision representative in terms of work and life.

7. After the installation of the goods, we will send our personnel to participate in debugging and solve possible problems as soon as possible. During execution of the contract, we will fully bear the cost of repairing, replacing and repeated testing due to our responsibilities for the necessary inspection, test, retest, repair and replacement.

8. During the execution of the goods contract, if there are defects in our goods or errors in technical data, we will immediately replace the goods free of charge, and bear all the expenses arising from the replacement at the installation site.


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