Talent Concept

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Talent concept: have both ability and political integrity, not stick to one style, make the best use of their talents

Both ability and political integrity—the talented person has the capital of virtue; the virtue person is the handsome person. "Ethics"-possessing high basic qualities, "talent"-the basic ability to perform job duties. The ancients said: The ruler is short, the inch is long, the material is insufficient, and the wisdom is unknown. Choosing and appointing people does not require both, but morality is the first, morality is used to promote talents, and talents to cultivate morality. By improving the quality of corporate talents, build a talent structure with both ability and political integrity.

Not sticking to one pattern—innovate the concept of talents, select talents regardless of seniority, meritocracy. Continuously broaden talent selection channels, discover talents in practice, cultivate talents, exercise talents, boldly use talents, vigorously cultivate innovative professionals, and continuously develop and strengthen the talent team, adding stamina to the sustainable development of the company.

Do their best—People are long and short, big or small, have both ability and political integrity, and both inside and outside. Knowing people's responsibilities and making the best use of their talents. Discerning talents with insight, enthusiastic love for talents, temperament to use talents, courage to show talents, and a good mind. Deeply explore the shining points of each employee, give full play to each employee's strengths, maximize the integration of the company's human resources, provide strong driving force for the company's sustainable development, and promote the company to enter the fast lane of healthy development.

Make the best use of it—because the material is used, it can be used for review, and use its strengths to cover its shortcomings. Knowing the people and doing the job, only the talent is the best, the right talent is the right post, the right post is the right pay. With keen insight, discover the personality characteristics of each employee, use talents according to the quantity, put talents in the most suitable position, apply the advantages of employees to the most suitable work, and make the sage in his place , Those who have the ability to do their job, each settle their duties, use their strengths and avoid weaknesses, and do their best.

Talent Concept


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